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Diverse engineering staff beginning their workdayEnterprising companies cannot afford to ignore the clear value that comes as a result of the range of perspectives and varied ideas that a diverse group of employees bring to the table.

Especially in engineering, in which your workforce is often solving for problems that may affect groups of individuals in different ways depending on the circumstances of their lives, a wide range of personal experience and perspective is essential for a truly well-rounded solution.

Why is Diversity So Essential in Engineering?

Without diversity, the field of engineering will always be missing out on potential talent and innovation.

Do you remember HP's embarrassing realization in 2009 that its webcams with face-tracking technology, which it posited as a benefit for companies worldwide, simply did not acknowledge anyone with a dark skin tone? HP, in attempting to solve for a problem (people who use webcams professionally who needed it to track them as they moved), inadvertently created a public relations nightmare for themselves.

As recently as this past year, driverless cars struggle to recognize pedestrians with darker skin tonesWithout enough diversity in engineering, companies lack a range of important insights, forcing them to make costly redesigns after a product has been released, or even lose out on potential profits entirely.

Diverse workplaces have higher job-satisfaction ratings and show better financial performance.

A study conducted by McKinsey in 2007 found that businesses with a higher-than-average number of female executives tended to perform better financially, and also noted that companies with large numbers of women on staff also ranked higher for overall job satisfaction. 

This conclusion is unsurprising for anyone who has spent time in a diverse workplace.

A greater range of perspectives and life experiences will bring an increase in the likelihood of a company culture that welcomes growth and change. A growth mindset and willingness to value out-of-the-box thinking and new ideas is essential for financial success.  

Find an Engineering Recruiting Firm With an Eye Towards Diversity.

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