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Close up Pretty Young Woman in Yellow Shirt Marking Ads in Newspaper Using Pen at the Table.There’s a talent shortage in Corporate America, and research from Gartner shows that it’s the number one emerging risk facing businesses in 2019.


Job demand is high, but the pool of applicants is low

It’s a job seeker’s market right now, and the margins in tech are even slimmer. Top talent knows they are in demand, and employers are going to great lengths to keep their most valuable team members from job hunting. Meanwhile, companies like yours are asking what you can do to find more tech applicants.

But maybe that's not the question you should be asking. Rather than focusing on widening your pool of applicants, let’s talk about how you can find more candidates who are also better fits. More isn’t always better. Combine more AND better, however, and you’ll save time spent on recruiting, plus dissolve any perception of a “tech talent shortage.”

Start with these two tips:

Tip #1 Stop talking AT candidates and start talking TO them.

Today’s tech talent is highly discerning. They know immediately when they’re being courted by HR or a recruiter, and unless they have a previously established relationship with you, they’re likely to ignore your efforts altogether. Alternatively, they might string you along and then never bother to show up for the interview.

Why does this happen? IT professionals want you to understand their jobs, their goals, and their dislikes. They are looking for HR and recruiters who truly understand their skill sets and how they’ll fit into your company. They want you to be upfront and honest, setting realistic expectations and avoiding too much corporate speak. In other words, today’s IT talent wants you to act like a person, not an entity.

IT department heads understand this, but they’re busy working on mission-critical tasks. They don’t have time to sift through hundreds of resumes (or more!), hoping to find a perfect candidate. On the other hand, HR is so busy filling various other roles across the company that, in most cases, it’s nearly impossible to gain the level of knowledge and expertise needed to truly understand highly technical roles.

Add to these challenges the fact that hiring is practically a race among competing companies. Don’t leave potential candidates uncertain of your intentions, or they will likely be scooped up by one of your competitors before you can even make an offer.

Tip #2  Leverage strong talent relationships.

Research from LinkedIn shows that 87% of active and passive candidates are open to new job opportunities. However, they are not very receptive to cold outreach from recruiters.

Makes it tricky, doesn’t it?

Tricky, yes, but not impossible. It’s critical to understand that today’s tech talent, no matter how happy they are in a current job, has their ear to the floor regarding new opportunities. But in order for them to apply and consider your opportunities, you must establish a level of trust. That can be hard to do when candidates are leery of communications from most HR reps and recruiters.

Here at Perceptive Recruiting, our team is comprised of IT professionals and recruiting experts. We understand the technologies, frustrations, and goals of tech talent, and we’ve been in the trenches, building strong relationships with tech talent. We’re people people. That matters to our clients, and especially to our network of IT professionals.

The right IT recruiting partner makes life easier.

At Perceptive Recruiting, we build and leverage strong relationships, and offer industry-leading experience and technical expertise to deliver exceptional results for our clients. We free you up to focus on your most mission-critical tasks. To learn more about how we can make life easier for your business, contact us today.

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