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greenville-1961028_640We chose to build Perceptive Recruiting into the premier tech recruiting company in Greenville, South Carolina for a good reason—Greenville is a vibrant, rapidly growing city with a strong economy and a low cost of living.

It's also become a hub, with unique opportunities for job-seekers or companies looking to relocate. 

Why do we think Greenville, SC is such a great place for tech careers? 

Upstate businesses understand the importance of collaboration and networking.

Greenville has no shortage of co-working spaces, "flexible" office spaces that invite multiple startups and small companies to more directly collaborate, and networking groups that help business owners and individuals make connections with others in their field. 

Whether you're a woman interested in networking with other professional women while learning more about technical innovation and the way new technologies interact with the workplace, you're a small business owner looking to meet other business owners in Greenville, or you're a developer or in some other technical field looking to connect with other tech professionals, Greenville has something for you. 

Investors are interested in getting involved with new innovative technologies, right at the ground floor.

Many smaller startups and tech companies struggle in larger cities, where it's more difficult to access the kind of funding that larger companies might take for granted.

On the other hand, knowing where to find investors who will see the potential in your business idea can be tough in smaller cities with less of an entrenched tech environment.

The Upstate Carolina Angel Network, a group of more than 50 accredited investors who support early-stage businesses with the potential to show high levels of growth, was created as a way to give small businesses and startups in the Upstate the capital and expertise they need to hit the ground running in a city that is always hungry to see the next new thing.

There's a sister group active in Spartanburg, and more throughout the state.

Low cost of living = your tech professional salary takes you further.

Greenville melds the twin benefits of a low overall cost of living (with housing, transportation, and other basic costs below the national average) with a city that has built itself up to be a cultural and culinary powerhouse.

Utilities and other basic costs of living won't eat up your whole paycheck, which means you'll have the freedom to enjoy meals out at nationally-renowned restaurants like Husk Greenville and Rick Erwin's Nantucket Seafood, as well as attend cultural activities, art festivals, and theater performances. Greenville provides all the benefits of living in a large city without the population congestion and high costs.

Find technical talent—or your new career—with Perceptive Recruiting.

At Perceptive Recruiting, we have decades of experience working as IT recruiters and interfacing with technical hiring managers, which gives us the insight and expertise you need to find a new position.

We're focused on locating the perfect career opportunity for technical professionals and engineers looking for the right job opening with the right company at the right time. Check out our current job listings right here and apply, or register to send us your resume and get started on your search for a new career.

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