3 Reasons You'll Find Your Tech Career in Greenville, SC

Posted by Jill Rose on Apr 16, 2019 11:00:00 AM

We chose to build Perceptive Recruiting into the premier tech recruiting company in Greenville, South Carolina for a good reason—Greenville is a vibrant, rapidly growing city with a strong economy and a low cost of living.

It's also become a hub, with unique opportunities for job-seekers or companies looking to relocate. 

Why do we think Greenville, SC is such a great place for tech careers? 

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Why Diversity is Key for Engineering Success

Posted by Jill Rose on Mar 19, 2019 10:03:40 AM

Enterprising companies cannot afford to ignore the clear value that comes as a result of the range of perspectives and varied ideas that a diverse group of employees bring to the table.

Especially in engineering, in which your workforce is often solving for problems that may affect groups of individuals in different ways depending on the circumstances of their lives, a wide range of personal experience and perspective is essential for a truly well-rounded solution.

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How to Answer Tricky Tech Job Interview Questions

Posted by Jill Rose on Mar 16, 2019 2:09:27 PM

For many candidates searching for a new career in tech, job interviews are the aspect of job hunting they dread the most. The questions may leave you feeling off-kilter and unprepared, even though you spent the whole morning prepping and rehearsing your answers before you walked in.

This can be especially true in the tech field, where many candidates worry about making a good impression. We've got some advice on answering difficult tech job interview questions in a way that lets you stand out from a crowded field of candidates:

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How does a Recruiting Firm Deliver Value?

Posted by Jill Rose on Feb 19, 2019 2:15:56 PM

How does a recruiting firm deliver value? In today’s market, finding a candidate online isn't difficult which suggests the question, why should you pay a fee for a recruiter when it’s something you could easily do yourself? We know there is no shortage of recruiters trying to work with you and while most of them may have a ‘slick pitch’ have you ever stopped to consider how well they know your market or if they understand the intricate nature of your industry?  

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How to Be a Good Leader: 6 Tips for IT Department Managers

Posted by Jill Rose on Feb 7, 2019 10:13:46 AM

IT Department managers can sometimes feel overwhelmed by their unique position in their place of employment — responsible for a set of direct reports looking to them for guidance and authority while simultaneously managing the expectations of upper management or company leadership.

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Perceptive Recruiting is the 11th Fastest Growing Small Business in SC

Posted by Jill Rose on Feb 1, 2019 10:52:30 AM

Jill Rose and the Perceptive Recruiting team was over the moon to be announced the 11th Fastest Growing Small Business in South Carolina at Roaring Twenties 2018!

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